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Is Your Credit Costing You? There are many Americans unaware of how much bad credit is costing them until they apply for a loan. Some Americans have never checked their credit reports or scores at all. Having bad credit can also affect your day to day life; for instance, paying more for car insurance, paying a higher deposit for an apartment or cell phone. That’s why it is so important for consumers to check their credit reports regularly to insure its accuracy. A higher credit score can mean the difference between 3.5% or 10% down payment for a mortgage or paying $12,000 more in interest on a $20,000 auto loan. With a better credit score you can enjoy lower interest rates, $0 down on auto loans, O% APR on credit cards, and much more. More than Just Houston Credit Repair Elite Credit Repair Services will not only repair your credit, we will also help you establish credit. There are many consumers who don’t have credit and fall in the same tier as people with bad credit. Some Americans believe everyone starts off with good credit, not knowing you actually have to build credit. This process can be challenging to most people because they don’t know where to start. Let us take the hassle out of credit repair and help you get your credit back on track so you can live the life you deserve. We Take Your Credit Repair Seriously Credit can be complicated but we’re here to help! We use the laws that were created to protect your consumer rights. Credit repair services doesn’t have to be confusing, let our professionals work on your behalf to ensure fair and accurate information is reporting on your credit. • Encryption • Monitoring • Screening • Verification At Elite Credit Repair Services, we understand credit is time sensitive. Every month you continue with bad credit means every month you’re paying a higher interest rate, or potentially being denied a mortgage, credit card, etc. Unlike other credit repair companies, we don’t drag out your process, so you can continue to make monthly payments with no results, we offer a flat fee and work to get you results fast. Our Services: Credit Restoration We will dispute the accuracy and verifiability of account information on your credit reports on your behalf. Our company has successfully removed: • Charge Offs • Collections • Late Payments • Judgements • Repossessions • Inquiries • Student loans Get In Touch With Us Today: Address: 11811 North Fwy Ste 565, Houston, TX 77060 Phone: (281) 940-6981 Website:

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