Austin Sober Living


348 Stone View Trail
Austin, TX, United States, 78737
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Our Austin Sober Living home provides you or your loved one with a place to continue your recovery. You are able to live relatively independently, going to school or work as needed, and largely managing your own schedule. However, there are rules and structure in place to help support your recovery, including the most important requirement, which is to maintain your sobriety. You don’t have to stay sober alone. At our homes, no man or woman is an island. We believe in community and peer support and encouragement. We provide staff members to help you learn how to live life as a recovered addict, helping you find ways to cope and manage the stresses and responsibilities of life that have been thrown back at you. As part of the home, you will be required to attend meetings, and we can refer you to additional support and counseling as well is needed or desired. The goal of our sober living home is to prepare you for living independently. While in sober living, you’ll have the opportunity.

Changing lives with a smile.



Regular Hours

Mon: 9am - 9am

Tue: 9am - 9am

Wed: 9am - 9am

Thu: 9am - 9am

Fri: 9am - 9am

Sat: 9am - 9am

Sun: 9am - 9am